Benchtop Bandsaw   

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This Model G5010 Metal Cutting Benchtop Bandsaw is of the highest quality.
It is a very sturdy machine constructed of solid aluminum castings and an industrial quality motor.   It cuts as fast as most chop saws without the noise and mess.        Great For The Home Shop Where Space Is A Premium. 



Variable speed control
for adjustment to materials and cutting conditions


Miter Scale
Adjustable for cuts up to 45 degrees

Steel Jaw Vise 


The Clamping Vise is machined from steel for precise, even holding pressure.
Far superior to cast or stamped holding fixtures.   Also comes with an attachable workstop for repeating identical length cuts


Designed to Cut all metals, wood, and plastics.

Color may be Grey, Green or Blue-Green depending on stock. 

Uses Standard 44 7/8" x 1/2" Portable Bandsaw Blades

Capacity: 4"                                   

Miter Angle: Up to 45 degrees

Motor: 1500W / 110 Volt       

Weight: 45 lbs.        

Base:   16" long x 13" deep